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Trends in economics, demographics and geopolitics – compounded by the rapid pace of technological change – are creating unprecedented volatility for organisations. As the global leader in insurance, risk consulting and innovative employee benefits consulting, Aon's professional and FAIS-accredited brokers will help you in delivering structured solutions that will better identify, quantify and manage risk exposure.

  • Risk Consulting
    Risk Consulting
    Aon offers a fully integrated range of risk consulting solutions, from risk identification and control to risk assessment and financing. We have designed our services to meet your organisation’s comprehensive needs.
  • Business Insurance Solutions
    Business Insurance Solutions
    Whether it's insurance for professional indemnity, D&O, or cyber liability, Aon delivers comprehensive insurance solutions, risk management and employee benefits consulting that empower results for your business.
  • Aon’s Bespoke Business Insurance Broking Solutions
    Aon’s Bespoke Business Insurance Broking Solutions
    We work with you to identify your business needs and understand the complexity of your organisation to design creative, personalised solutions delivered seamlessly.
  • Retirement Funds
    Retirement Funds
    In an increasingly competitive environment it is vital for employers to run efficient, attractive and cost-effective retirement plans to retain the best talent.
  • Health, Wellbeing and Risk Benefits
    Health, Wellbeing and Risk Benefits
    We have unmatched global and local expertise and solutions across the full spectrum of health issues, markets, employee benefit insurance products and health & wellness strategies.
  • Medical Schemes
    Medical Schemes
    To find the best solution for our clients, we have contracts with various medical schemes. View the medical scheme brochures, application forms and presentations here.
  • Wellness
    Achieving or maintaining wellness could be determined by individual awareness and ability to measure states of health including mental health, physical activity, nutritional intake, fiscal responsibility, productivity, as well as emergency preparedness and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Medical Gap Cover
    Medical Gap Cover
    Gap Cover has been designed to reduce your risk of out of pocket expenses when you are hospitalised. We pride ourselves in guiding, educating and protecting our clients and for this reason we believe you need to be aware of the shortfalls and risks you may be exposed to.
  • Enterprise Health Risk Management
    Enterprise Health Risk Management
    History provides only a partial understanding of risk for the future. To effectively manage risks, organisations must assess the probability and potential impact of all risk events to be prepared for the next challenges, whilst maximising future growth opportunities.
  • Communication and Online Benefits
    Communication and Online Benefits
    The continued shift of benefits provision from employer funding to a total cost to company or co-funding approach has changed the employer’s role from a paternalistic provider to a facilitator of good value benefits for employees to choose from.
  • Pan African Employee Benefits
    Pan African Employee Benefits
    Today, we see companies taking a much more active role in managing global issues. This is particularly true with employee benefits.

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