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Meet Craig Kent, our Risk Advisory Solutions Expert.

Integrated Risk Consulting Solutions

In a rapidly changing business environment where the complexity and interconnectivity of risks is deepening, it is crucial for risk management programs to provide innovative, resilient and pre-emptive approaches that are flexible and agile in response. Participating in the growth opportunities that an increasingly globalised and interconnected world economy presents also means that effectively anticipating threats is critical for organisations to forge ahead.

Fact-based insights are the best way to ensure optimal decision-making when it comes to responding to risk. These responses can be comprehensively identified, evaluated, quantified, and mitigated with a solutions-based management approach to risk that takes a long-term view and collaborates with all role-players throughout the value chain.

Aon’s Risk Consulting and Risk Solutions team brings together some of the best minds in the industry, both globally and locally, with diverse industry sector specialisations, to deliver a professional, fully integrated range of risk management solutions for your unique business exposures. Aon offers a fully integrated range of risk consulting solutions from risk identification and control to strategic risk consulting and risk financing.

operational risk

Strategic Risk

Risk Financing Special Risk

Operational Risk

Strategic Risk

Risk Financing

Special Risk

  • Insurer Surveys
  • Loss Calculations
  • Risk Maturity Indexes
  • Operational Risk Programs
  • Focused Operational Risk Solutions: fire, security, occupational Health and Safety (OHS), environmental, motor fleet profiling
  • Self Audits and Support
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Business Vulnerability Assessments
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Cyber Risk
  • Political / Industrial Risk
  • Integrated Risk Management Solutions
  • Legal Contract Reviews
  • Alternate Risk Transfer
  • Total Cost of Risk
  • Business Interruption Reviews
  • Data Collation and Analytics
  • Cell Captives Advice and Management
  • Premium Payment Plans
  • Claims Advocacy & Loss Solutions
  • Infrared Scanning Technology
  • Risk Training
  • Fire Design Solutions
  • Strategic Engineering (Mining, Petrochem, Renewable Energy)
  • Valuation Services
  • Online Risk Assessment Solutions


Operational Risk Control and Engineering

Aon’s Risk Control and Engineering services cover every aspect of physical and pure risk, identifying and quantifying, giving advice on how these risks should be managed, and providing focused risk-related consultancy services. Our consultants will work in partnership with you to identify and minimise the operational risks which threaten your business, assist in the development and support of new or existing risk control programs, and reduce your overall cost of risk. Our team has considerable experience in operational and property risk control related to business, be it strategic, operational, or technical.

Operational Specialised

Complementing the bouquet Operational risk and Insurer assessments and related services, is our ability to provide added value services, including:

  • Due diligence - operational risk assessments
  • Post loss investigations – solutions based (lessons learned)
  • Sprinkler Inspection Services
  • Thermography and Mega stress testing
  • Accredited training programs
  • Fire Readiness assessments

Strategic Risk - Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is the strategic, enterprise-wide process of assessing,  analysing and responding to the collective risks that impact an organisation’s ability to achieve its goals. Our ERM specialists can provide you with a practical approach for identifying and understanding your key risks and optimising your risk profile. The team has a track record of delivering practical business solutions to manage and mitigate risk.

The ability for a business to prepare for a loss with a view to an effective means of recovery post the loss is critical. Utilising our Risk Identification and quantification services through our Operational Risk Management (ORA) services, enables our Strategic Risk Specialists means to facilitate an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework and deliver an effective incident-based; “point of failure“ solution for recovery.

Special Risk - Legal Risk Management

Aon’s Legal Risk Management unit has developed practical and innovative legal risk products and services to assist: businesses with the identification and management of legal risks and exposures to complement existing insurance and risk management programs in a seamless and cost-effective manner.

Strategic Risk - Crisis Management

Terrorist attacks, high-profile kidnappings, extortion, political insurgency, or employee litigation are some of the growing risks that companies face. They could affect your organisation’s workforce, property, and contracts and have a significant impact on business operations and shareholder value. Aon’s unique consulting approach helps you quantify and qualify your exposure to threats and helps ensure you have a robust and comprehensive strategy around risk retention, mitigation, transfer, and management. We create innovative, bespoke solutions, delivered through a combination of insurance market expertise and risk management strategy to help you protect your people, assets, and brand.

Risk Financing Management (RFM)

Business Interruption Reviews

Business Interruption (BI) cover in place, with a focus on reviewing the following:

  • Potential impact of a loss event
  • Current sum insured
  • Indemnity Period in place
  • Critical customers and suppliers

The objective of the review is to enable our clients to make more informed decisions and to optimize its insurance arrangements in the future and to assist our clients in understanding its exposure with a view to placing the correct level of business interruption cover.

Alternative Risk Transfer

Aon Risk Consulting has the capability to assist clients with Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) solutions to address risks faced by your organisation. ART solutions are characterised by their tailor-made structures which are specifically designed for our client’s needs. Aon Risk Consulting the capacity to assist clients with the formation and management of solutions which include Captive, Cell Captive, Contingency Policy, and Finite Programs. The success of a robust ART structure relies on the effectiveness of the support functions of that structure.

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