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Meet Jaco Barnard, our Cyber Liability Insurance Broking Expert.

Cyber Liability Insurance Broking Solutions

Most organisations that have a network, online presence, and holds or accesses confidential
data are at risk of a data breach or cyber-attack. The very nature of the internet means that
cybercriminals from anywhere in the world can direct their attention to specific targets.

Our Knowledge and experience delivered across three critical areas:




We help you understand and quantify your risk.

We know how to protect your organisation and its critical assets.

We search for the truth and help you recover quickly.

  • Assessments
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • CyQu
  • Cyber Impact Analysis Financial qualifications
  • Incident Response readiness Assessment
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Executive Vulnerability Assessment
  • Testing
  • Red Team & Social Engineering Testing
  • Application & Mobile Security Testing
  • Network & Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Due Diligence & Background Investigations
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Cyber Risk Financing
  • Incident Response Planning & Playbook Development
  • Cyber Threat Simulation TableTop
  • Security Strategy Development
  • Security Controls Optimisation
  • Third-Party Cyber Risk Management
  • Insider Risk Program Development
  • M&A Cyber Due Diligence
  • eDiscovery
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Incident Response Retainer
  • Fraud & Financial Loss Investigations
  • Workplace Misconduct Investigations

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