Legal Risk Management Case Study

Water supply project in a rural area, to be constructed under the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) scheme

February 2016

In our increasingly hyper-connected world, seemingly unrelated events can have a profound impact on your business. This can make the mitigation and management of your risk and liability challenging, but with the guidance and experience of a professional broker, you can ensure all your bases are properly covered. As part of our continued efforts to keep you informed and protected in your business dealings, here's the first edition of our 2016 Legal Risk Management (LRMS) newsletter for the built environment.

In this edition, we discuss a Limitation of Liability case study, with facts and practical guidelines to assist you if you're ever faced with such a scenario. We have also included helpful examples of clauses that are used to limit liability in agreements and contracts, and the important interplay between your contracts and insurance covers.

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