Impact of the failure of the Kariba Dam

The Institute of Risk Management South Africa Risk Research Report

Aon is committed to offering innovative risk solutions to the challenges that the power industry faces around the world and each new piece of crucial risk information presented, places business leaders and risk managers in a better position to mitigate risks in an informed way.

The failure and/or shortage of critical infrastructure is amongst the top 10 South African risks identified by likelihood and consequence by both Aon in its Risk Management Survey 2015 and the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) in the first edition of their South Africa Risk Report 2015. The potential failure of the Kariba Dam is a Southern Africa regional risk that falls into the infrastructure risk category, but in addition it would lead to power supply constraints – another key challenge currently impacting the region.

Aon is a corporate member of IRMSA and proud to be part of this risk review into the regional risks and consequences posed by the potential failure of the Kariba dam. This report shows that all of us in Southern Africa will suffer the impact if this risk materialises and calls for each of us to take an interest and be as involved as possible in preventing this potential disaster from happening. The impact will span across the entire risk consequence spectrum, from significant loss of life, damage to property and the environment, to economic fall-out.

This risk and its potential consequences need to be viewed as part of the existing power supply and demand challenges in the region and will require a strong commitment from governments, private companies and financiers to prevent the failure from happening.

By providing this information to our clients and other risk managers in the IRMSA network, we hope to empower you to make the right decisions with regards to the risks you and your company may face.

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