Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Services

Aon offers a range of all-in-one, tailored business insurance solutions that offers your business more peace of mind and more flexibility.

Aon offers more personal attention specifically for the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Wholesale

Years of specialist industry experience have led us to simplify the complexities of business insurance into a single comprehensive insurance solution with built in industry specific 'extras' for your complete business security and peace of mind.

By focusing on businesses in the retail, wholesale, services and manufacturing sector, Aon provides:

  • Peace of mind of wider, more comprehensive cover
  • The flexibility to tailor the policy to your needs based on the risks that you choose to cover
  • Dedicated brokers and underwriters that give your business the individualised attention it needs to ensure the widest coverage at the best premiums.

Every possible risk that could face your business, given your specific industry, has been taken into account, allowing you to consolidate your business insurance under one comprehensive insurance policy.

At Aon, we make insuring your business a personal and supportive experience for you, giving you access to a risk consultant when you need advice, a dedicated claims person and solutions that meet your organisation's needs.

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