The commercial shipping industry, which transports more than 90 percent of the world's cargo, is complex, volatile and constantly evolving. It is an industry that is increasingly segmented and specialised in today's competitive business environment. As businesses trade and expand across continents and differing regulatory environments, the risks that can occur whilst goods are transported between buyers and sellers become increasingly complex.

That's why Aon's Marine Division stands ready to help you to identify and manage these risks more effectively and economically, providing coverage that is based not on what the markets can do, but rather on what your specific insurance needs are.

Our Marine risk consulting and insurance solutions cover all types of marine risks, from a single vessel through to multinational businesses and can include cover for a number of core practice areas including cargo, hull and machinery, marine liability and inland marine. We have many years of experience based on a solid track record of serving some of the world's key players of the maritime and trade industry globally.

With access to the resources of our Marine Global Practice Group, we provide specialist insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services specifically to the marine industry, as well as other industry segments with marine exposure to both standard and unusual marine risks. Our broking expertise and advice are unique in the industry, providing both the heritage that comes from a long-term commitment to the commercial marine sector and the skills that come from a diverse client list.

We work with you to gather a thorough understanding of the various factors that influence the maritime industry, namely:

  • How much risk can your business safely retain?
  • If the retention is increased, will the premium savings justify the additional risk?
  • How much capital should your company commit to offset the retained risk?
  • What programme/structure would minimise the total cost of risk?

We have specialists in over 60 countries with the experience and knowledge to deliver a wide range of innovative marine insurance products and services for both standard and unusual marine risks, including:

  • Cargo
    • Imports
    • Exports
    • Inland Transit
    • Storage
    • Stock Throughput (imports/exports/inland transit/storage combined into one policy)
    • Project Delay Cover (Advanced Loss of Profits)
    • Trade Disruption
  • Liability
    • Protection and indemnity
    • Charterers
    • Terminal
    • Stevedores and wharfingers
    • Boat builders and ship repairers
    • Pollution
    • Container liability
    • Cargo handlers, ports and terminal managers
  • Hull
    • Pleasure-craft and mega yachts
    • Cruise and passenger vessels
    • Blue and brown water operators
    • Shipyards and builders risks
  • War, strikes, piracy and similar risks
  • Logistics and intermodal companies

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