Construction and Engineering

Our specialist Construction and Engineering division not only identifies your risks, we prevent them from becoming risks in the first place. Our proactive approach to risk improvement will help your business minimise losses and keep your business running smoothly.

Construction is more than just buildings. It demands that a lot of people from very different disciplines work together with one shared idea. The rights and obligations of all the parties involved are measured against a contract, under which risk, responsibilities and rights are allocated between the various parties. At Aon, we aid our clients to identify contractual risks as well as which of the risk is insurable. Aon is able to provide a risk bearing capacity analysis, including project process model, understanding regulation and compliance issues, environmental and third-party property issues.

As risk advisors, we review and provide strategic advice in the following areas:

  • Background and overall risk management approach
  • Anticipated lender insurance requirements
  • Risk register – critical project risk elements developed as part of an enterprise risk assessment
  • Overall risk transfer and mitigation strategy
  • Construction related surety solutions
  • Insurance solutions
  • Regulatory environment related to insurance
  • Contractual risk transfer
  • Environmental risk transfer
  • Claim process management
  • Suggested construction contract wording relating to insurance

Our innovative approach to doing business has allowed us to design products tailored to meet the specific demands of this sector. Aon construction risk-management products include the following:

  • Annual or project-specific cover for contract and engineering works
  • Public liability
  • Lateral support
  • Project delay/frustration
  • Plant and equipment
  • Plant hire (in and out)
  • Advanced loss of profits/Loss of revenue
  • Professional indemnity
  • Machinery breakdown and consequential loss

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