Decision Making in Complex & Volatile Times: Keys to Managing COVID-19

Business leaders are grappling with the challenges wrought by COVID-19, challenges which affect every aspect of their organization — from their people to their bottom lines. As they seek to quickly respond to this rapidly unfolding crisis, they must also make decisions about next steps in a fluid and uncertain environment where the longer-term horizon is still evolving.

What is unique about the COVID-19 pandemic is that it will not have a linear crisis event arc with a defined beginning, middle and end. Rather, there will be distinct phases to the pandemic that will hit different parts of the world and the economy at different times. Waves of infection in the communities in which an organization operates — and where their employees reside — will mean a company will have to tailor its response for the different locations and parts of its structure. Leaders must develop strategies to address each stage with flexibility and a clear understanding of how COVID-19 is unfolding for their firm and how their actions may affect the trajectory.

In this report, we explore the cyclical nature of COVID-19’s event arc and then lay out a comprehensive response framework that helps to build the right mindsets, create flexibility and execute meaningful actions for both the short and long term.

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