Be load-shedding savvy – make sure you're covered when the power's out

For the foreseeable future, load shedding is a South African institution.

It's inconvenient and frustrating to be sure, but the upside is spending quality time with the family around a candle-lit table or rediscovering the Milky Way without the intrusion of city lights.

However, before you make peace with load shedding, first make sure that you are properly insured against the safety and security risks that come with power failures.

For example, during an extended episode of load shedding, the battery backup on security equipment such as electric gates and fences, alarm systems, security cameras and outdoor motion passives may well run out before the power is restored. Not surprisingly, opportunistic criminals plan burglaries or robberies according to load shedding schedules. That's why it's so important to double check that your insurance cover specifically provides for circumstances that are beyond your control.

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