Private Insurance Broking

Your material success deserves a bespoke insurance solution, empowering you with the freedom to pursue the things you value most in life.

Aon's Household and Motor insurance solutions cater for the needs of the high-net worth, with significant and often complicated assets. We have the expertise to manage the most complex personal portfolios.

Offering you one of the widest insurance covers and highest limits in the market backed by professional advice, incomparable service and of course, the personal touch!

The mark of distinction

Protect your assets and safeguard your lifestyle with Aon Private Insurance Broking's unique set of benefits:

  • A thorough client needs analysis
  • Higher limits
  • Wider covers
  • Worldwide Assets All Risks Cover
  • Asset inventory on contents with deletion of the ‘average clause'
  • Specialist knowledge and professional advice with your best interests at heart
  • Guidance in terms of risk absorption, risk mitigation and risk transfer
  • Fair and seamless claims settlement

Our service promise to you

We know that commoditised, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all insurance products cannot offer you the specialised cover your assets deserve.

Therefore, Aon Private Insurance Broking commits to deliver on the following service promise to you:

  • we will recognise what you need today,
  • we will demonstrate the foresight to understand your needs for tomorrow, and
  • we are committed to ensuring that your assets are protected.

Test our specialist knowledge, professional advice, bespoke solutions and ‘on-your-side' risk solutions today, and give yourself the freedom to enjoy the life you have created.

Aon Private Insurance Broking Products

Aon has a variety of products to suit your needs:

By Preference

The Pinion range of products, exclusive to Investec Private Bank Clients

Specialty Products

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