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To align with our business objectives of communicating with our clients, building strong relationships with them and demonstrating thought leadership, we have developed client Alerts that deal with the below sections:

  1. General – To advise when experiencing difficulties with our systems, moving premises, or anything operational that could impact our clients or the service we deliver.
  2. Health and Wellness – To inform you about health and wellness issues- meant for educational purposes only.
  3. Medical Scheme, Gap and Other Providers – To educate and guide you through the product offerings and processes involved.
  4. Retirement Funding – To educate and guide you through the regulatory changes and the implications of these changes.

We strongly advise you to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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For a comprehensive quotation, Contact Us or Call the Aon Resolution Centre (ARC) on 0860 835 272 should you not be able to get hold of the branches.

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