Enterprise Health Risk Management

The Elevate approach challenges customary health risk methodologies, to demonstrate that an integrated model is the axis required for the success of health programmes in the workplace. The traditional provider approach is at best tangentially applicable to business objectives and displays critical gaps in its ability to mitigate risks.

History provides only a partial understanding of risk for the future. To effectively manage risks, organisations must assess the probability and potential impact of all risk events in order to be prepared for the next challenges, whilst maximising future growth opportunities. There is a groundswell of research proving that it is more important than ever for organisations to embrace a structured enterprise-wide approach to managing their health and people risks, and optimise their strategies on a holistic and integrated basis.

Employee Wellbeing Telecare Programme

The aim of the Elevate Essential Programme is to enable organisations, through an inclusive wellbeing support service to managers, employees and their families, to sustain their company’s competitiveness while improving the quality of work and the life of employees.

Aon Elevate is committed to improve the knowledge of organisational and personal wellbeing, make wellbeing more convenient and relevant, and create an acceptable social return on investment.

In this regard we endeavor to:

  • Improve the employee value proposition of our clients, as caring companies
  • Support managers to create a culture of wellbeing, and facilitate thriving individuals
  • Support employees with professional wellbeing services in order to improve their quality of work and life


Managers, employees and their families are able to access all the services listed below 24/7, via email, a please call me facility, telephonic services, or online (mobisite or website) as well as access to a national network of wellbeing professionals.

An Integrated Methodology

Aon has developed a bespoke solution for wellness needs based on the premise of aligning all the facets of developing, designing, implementing, measuring and constant improvement of a complete wellness solution in order to maximize benefits and mitigate replication and shortfall. We refer to this approach as the Elevate methodology. In order to link employee health to business objectives, the Elevate approach integrates all aspects of employee health, to provide the employer with a sustainable strategy. It is based on a solid understanding of health, wellbeing and productivity, with social sustainability at its heart.

The bespoke solutions developed using our Elevate methodology are constructed through a consultative process with the client and improved through ongoing measurement and feedback. Our strength lies in the ability to deliver one aligned solution where traditionally various wellness solutions were delivered by multiple, fragmented service providers, with little collaboration or alignment with the business objectives.

Employee health and organizational success are closely linked and the Elevate methodology is designed to compliment and enhance the business objectives while mitigating risk and eliminating duplication between programmes hence optimizing the return on investment from a social and economic perspective.

Successful Implementation

Four Pillars of Successful Service Delivery

  • High Visibility and Awareness

    Promoting the Employee Wellbeing Programme to management and employees is vital both during its launch and throughout the year. The programme design will focus on building the client’s brand and employee value proposition.

  • Easy, Convenient Access

    Management and employees need to be able to access the services and assistance they need in ways that are convenient, easy and local to them. Aon Elevate uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and an understanding of what works ‘on the ground’ in Africa to provide access to its service.

  • Effective Service Delivery

    It is imperative that individuals in need get the right expertise and treatment as quickly as possible. Aon Elevate undertakes a risk-streaming exercise for each contact to determine the best response in terms of urgency and service requirement.

  • Continuous Quality Assurance and Improvement

    Aon Elevate employs standards and protocols that span all of the services and platforms, which every partner and provider must adhere to. This transparency is further developed by one of the most comprehensive customer satisfaction programmes in the industry, with over 80% of all interactions tracked.

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