Pan African Employee Benefits

Multinational corporations constantly confront new challenges as they seek to globalise and expand, particularly with respect to how they support an increasingly diverse and internationally mobile workforce.

Historically, many multinationals operated in a decentralised management model. This, however, is changing as a number of market forces converge and force companies to act. These include:

  • Increasing need for corporate governance
  • Focus on operational and cost efficiency
  • Rationalisation of objectives
  • Converging international accounting standards
  • Governments shifting responsibility to private sector

Today, we see companies taking a much more active role in managing global issues. This is particularly true with employee benefits across Africa where the company may face significant financial, legal and human capital risks. People are any organization's most valuable asset and employee benefits play a major role in “attracting and retaining” the desired calibre workforces.

Our services

Aon has organized a systematic way of supporting multinational corporations in their Pan African benefits efforts. We believe that a successful program includes:

  • Strategic planning which embraces local realities, cultural differences and competitive norms
  • Global benefits management that integrates with the global business and overall risk strategies
  • Systems that allow global, real-time access to data so that global decisions can be made to meet market demands
  • Flexibility to manage human capital
  • Global expense management to drive operational efficiency

Aon's Global Benefits Africa (GBA) platform addresses these and other global benefits objectives through three core elements:

Benefits Audit

Market Review

Ongoing Benefits Management

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