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Africa's rich diversity undoubtedly brings with it complexity which will demand careful planning, focused risk management, respect for local customs and regulations and strong local partnerships to deliver a successful outcome.

Choosing the right local risk partner with an implicit understanding and experience of the various challenges of doing business in Africa, supporting you to correctly assess the risks and rewards from the outset, will greatly enhance the likelihood of being able to capitalise on the continent's many opportunities.

Tremendous economic and social opportunity abounds, but the complexities that arise out of doing business in a continent with 54 countries, more than 50 different regulatory regimes, 3000 spoken languages and many ethnic groups and customs, are significant.

From home grown local businesses, to multinationals seeking comprehensive global and pan-African programmes to individuals, Aon has become the cornerstone for many successful individuals and businesses in numerous sectors – we stand ready to do the same for you.

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